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The wellness trend has grown to a $500 billion business and is projected to reach $1 trillion in the coming years. The weight loss industry alone is a 60 billion dollar business. With Baby Boomers entering their sixties and obesity reaching epidemic proportions, many people are waking up and are now prepared to invest in products that will help them feel better, lose weight, and enjoy a healthier (mature or retirement) lifestyle.

Immunotec’s key products are Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum. These products have been both scientifically and clinically researched and proven by doctors for over 30 years to enhance and optimize our Immune Systems for better health and well being against sickness and disease.

Immunotec has the only proven, patented and recognized dietary supplement that raises GSH (Glutathione), described in over 70,000 medical articles as beneficial in relation to most known health conditions.

The small business explosion is a response to the financial uncertainty that Global Economics have brought to every home and family in Canada.

A home business is the best unemployment insurance money can buy. And it’s then cheapest too! With Immunotec, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You’re part of the Immunotec Community: one that values teamwork, support and is dedicated to excellence.

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